Friday, March 4, 2011

List: 'The Lure of Lists'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar. It’s been called ‘A Melbourne institution’ [1]. I’ve written that I rate its coffee 10 out of 10 [2]. I’ve also written of my Ottawa friend Mark (who’s affectionately called ‘Canadian Idle’ because he’s a tenured professor who’s been known to put in a few days of work each decade – between sabbaticals [3]. Years ago, I don’t recall how many – he and I had a bet. Nor can I recall what the bet was about. (No doubt when he reads this, CI’ll refresh my memory.) But I do recall the bet’s prize: the loser buys the winner a Pellegrini’s cappuccino. To date, CI and I haven’t been in Melbourne concurrently. Ten days ago, he emailed me a link to a list. In the Economist and titled ‘The Lure of Lists’, it’s an essay about a Columbia University professor’s addiction to lists, and especially ‘top 1001 things you must’ lists [4]. True to form it includes its own list: five reasons explaining the allure of both top 1001 lists (and other lists). These reasons make sense to me as a List Man. And I’ve noted the essay’s in the Economist’s ‘More Intelligent Life’ section’. As a List Man, I rest my case. Oh yes: CI emailed me again, telling me I don’t mention him much on Farmdoc’s Blog; and if I mention him more, he’ll consider foregoing the aforementioned Pellegrini’s cappuccino. As you know, I’m a parsimonious fellow [5, 6]. So, thanks for the link to today’s list, CI. CI. CI. CI. CI. CI. CI. CI. CI. Ho hum.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Sel and I make lists we are not so big on reading them, every morning we write a to do list. Then we have lists for the near future and for the far future.
The far future usually make for entertainment when we rediscover them.