Friday, September 17, 2010

List: '9 Essential Clothing Repair Skills'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. In late 2009 I wrote that I’m a physician and not a surgeon because I’m an introvert and not an extrovert [1]. Another reason’s that I’m not fantastically dextrous. I’m not ham-fisted, mind you. (How could a Jewish boy be ham-fisted.) But I’m no dab hand with a needle. At least I can sew on a button – neatly and tightly, as the photograph shows. Today’s list, from planetgreen, is titled ‘9 Essential Clothing Repair Skills – Make Your Clothes Last Longer!’ [2] I, being a parsimonious fellow, am all for repairing things to make them last longer. Clothes included. Clothes especially. But my skills are sadly lacking. Of the ‘9 Essential Clothing Repair Skills’, I possess only two: as I’ve told and shown you, I know ‘How to Sew a Button’ (skill number 1). And I know how to ‘Line-Dry Clothing’ (skill number 9). So my skills neatly bookend the 9-item list. I don’t know why I’ve never learnt the other seven skills. I suppose it’s a male/female thing: males cause the rips and holes and frays, and women repair them. How absurd. I’m 120% sure darling Kate has all nine skills. For her they’re a doddle. She can probably use them blindfolded. While I’d like to learn the seven skills I lack, I can’t see it happening any time soon. I’ve got other skills to learn. Ho hum. And by the way, I love the photographs that punctuate the planetgreen list.

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