Monday, February 22, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 673

They’re gone. And it’s quiet again. Our house guests arrived on 2 February, stayed with Sweetheart Vivienne and me for a week, spent a week in Hobart, then returned to stay with me for a week. Until yesterday. They’re Canadians from Ottawa. We met almost a decade ago. Via Save Albert Park. Mark, a Professor of Communications, is an expert on the effects of major events. Maya’s a Police Officer. This was their third visit to us in Mole Creek. In late 2006 Marina was two years old. Now she’s a five-year-old teenager. This was the debut Mole Creek visit for Mateus – who maintains the M alliteration but is better suited to his nickname: Pug (i.e. an abbreviation of Puggle). I don’t know if Pug’s your typical Terrible Two, but if not then he comes close. When he’s good he’s very very good, but when he’s bad (i.e. exhausted) he’s horrid. During their 15 days in Mole Creek we did much: reminisced, laughed, joked, walked, sightsaw, farmed, and fed goats/sheep/Petey Boy/ourselves. But a 2-year-old inevitably curtails holiday aims. I hope The Canadians had a great time here – as would befit our wonderful friendship. And if they didn’t, I hope the fault wasn’t mine. When les Canadiens were here, I wondered if the noise (90% due to Pug) would ever stop. Now they’ve gone. And it’s quiet again. And it doesn’t feel good. I hope we see them again. Soon. But not before Pug turns three.

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