Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Updates on recent posts

Today’s Farmdoc’s Blog post comprises updates on post in the last few months. Links to the original post are in square brackets:

1. Yesterday the ram we bought on 10.4.10 met his 35 new girlfriends [1].

2. I haven’t yet sent the billy goat hiring saga to the Randy Cohen the NYT’s Ethicist [2].

3. F1 driver Lewis Hamilton’s been charged for his pre Grand Prix burnout on a public street [3].

4. Thus the rule of law’s been applied. But not to police chief Overland for the bullets affair [4].

5. My number of unlistened-to podcasts is down from 29 a month ago to 13 now [5].

6. I haven’t yet read Les Carlyon’s two Great War books, or watched the ANZACS film [6].

7. And I haven’t yet read The Man Who Left Too Soon [7].

8. I haven’t yet bought a hand-operated flour mill [8].

9. Our pantry’s mouse free. There were only two mice. The pantry smells sweet again [9].

10. Catherine Deveny’s not been hired by another media outlet after the Age sacked her [10].

11. I haven’t yet asked Sweetheart Vivienne what her primary love language is [11].

12. I hope to survive my flight to Melbourne this morning [12]

13. I haven’t taken the Marshmallow Challenge (pictured) [13].

14. No feedback yet from the 22.4.10 fox scat seekers [14].

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