Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Farmdoc's voting Liberal

Last Monday Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith (pictured) announced Australia’s expelling an Israeli diplomat in retaliation for Israel’s alleged forgery of four Australian passports in connection with the murder of Hamas terrorist and arms dealer Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh [1]. Here are my responses:

A. The federal opposition Liberal Party says Australia’s action was aimed at currying favour with Arab countries because Australia’s seeking a UN Security Council seat [2].

B. Liberal Party Deputy Leader and Shadow Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Australia has used and forged foreign passports in intelligence and other covert activities [3].

C. Prime Minister Rudd’s rebuke of Ms Bishop in the interests of national security [4] is tacit confirmation. Why wouldn’t he deny it if he could truthfully do so?

D. A federal election’s due later in 2010. Though I’m ideologically more aligned with Labor than the Liberals, due to this expulsion I’m voting Liberal. For me all else is background music.

E. In his blog Steve Lieblich asks three pertinent questions: If Australia could have prevented the Bali bombing by forging some passports and killing a terrorist, would it have done so? What protest has the Australian government made to the Dubai and other governments openly allowing terrorist activity? And if that protest is weaker than this action against Israel, why [5]? Indeed, Steve.

F. In the battle against the rising tide of Islamist terrorism, Israel’s the gold mine canary. If Israel can’t hold the line then heaven help the rest of the so-called civilised world – including Australia. But Messrs Smith and Rudd can’t see past their noses – which currently are distinctly brown.

G. Screw them. At times like this I’m ashamed of my country’s Prime Minister and Government.


Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

This is ridiculous , up pops the box when I am just about to turn off my computer. I am not sure which blog it will come up under as I was so frustrated I started hitting comments under several of your pieces!
Awfully glad you survived the flight and are with your love,I am laughing about Noddy and Big Ears, I knew them well.
Have a great visit, Chris

farmdoc said...

The ABC quotes Rudd saying 'There is a longstanding convention in Australian politics that because of significant national security reasons, neither side of politics speculates on or comments on the operation of our intelligence agencies'.
Oh is that so, Prime Minister.
Then aren't you jeopardising the national security of Israel - allegedly a friendly nation state - by speculating on or commenting on the operation of her intelligence agencies.
Of course you are.
If you do that to your friends then I can't wait to see what you do to your enemies.