Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cath's tormenting tweets

Catherine Deveny (pictured). I’ve mentioned her in four previous Farmdoc’s Blog posts [1a, 1b, 1c, 1d] including here [2] where I anoint her my second or third favourite journalist. Why? Because judging by her numerous Age articles she’s irreverent, iconoclastic, funny, edgy, politically incorrect, cheeky, inyerface, authentic, honest and unique. Last Tuesday the Age summarily sacked her because of two irreverent tweets she twittered [3] during last Sunday evening’s Logie award ersatz extravaganza [4]. Impertinent they were; and arguably mildly offensive to some people. But in no way ‘not in keeping with the standards we set at the Age’ – as the Age editor-in-chief pompously opined. His overblown self-congratulatory grandiloquence’s all the more unfathomable as Ms Deveny wasn’t representing the Age at the Logie awards. The rabid right-wing shock jocks – whom she berated here [5] last month, took no time returning the favour. Behold Neil Mitchell’s pious sanctimony in the video at the top of this link [6]. Pardon me while I puke. If you reckon your stomach’s stronger than mine, test it by reading some of the hundreds of Comments at the foot of the same linked page. It’s scary how many weirdos are out there. I’ve no doubt Ms Deveny’s exit leaves the Age more homogeneous and sanitised. And impoverished. Shame on you, Age. I’m sure Ms Deveny’s resilient enough that she won’t let the turkeys get her down. Her employability’s undoubted. I wish her well. And the Age ill.


WriterBee said...

I wonder if it's because she's a woman that they sacked her over this, and a person without powerful allies

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Age is supposed to be accompanied by wisdom, clearly not in this case.
It's all about the money, who has it and who will pay it.

All these "days"" we have mothers. fathers, grandparents,secretaries, child care workers.... nothing to do with honouring anyone; all to do with chasing MORE money. Bit of a non sequiter but....