Saturday, April 24, 2010

This week's compendium

Here’s this week’s compendium. This week…

1. Grammar Girl pointed out the tautology in ‘please RSVP’ [1]. Yep.

2. Nutrition Diva wrote an informative article about ‘Which Type of Rice is Healthiest’ [2]. Everyone who eats rice would do well to read it.

3. Cornell University psychologists reminded us that more consumer gadgetry doesn’t mean more happiness [3]. And our planet benefits.

4. I couldn’t help but marvel at the EcoARK – a 3-storey Taipei building constructed using 1.5M plastic bottles [4]. As with item 3 above, a win-win situation.

5. I first heard that in 2007 actress Geena Davis had established The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media [5]. I compliment her and hope the Institute achieves its aims.

6. further to this Farmdoc’s Blog post [6], the scat seekers sought scats on our property last Thursday for two hours. I’ll post the results which I’ll learn only after weeks or months of DNA testing.

7. further to this Farmdoc’s Blog post [7a], Sweetheart Vivienne alerted me to this item titled ‘Good glasses make wine taste better’ [7b]. It links to a Riedel wineglass website, of course.

8. on darling Kate’s Foxs Lane blog I admired the fox name tag Kate received in a name tag swap [8]. These craft people are so imaginative.

Finally, I wish you, dear Farmdoc’s Blog readers, a wonderful week.

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Kate said...

Thanks FD! I think its pretty wonderful too, although as a chook farmer I'm not too keen on foxs.