Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canaries, craziness and indignation

Indignation. It’s anger aroused by a perceived offence or injustice. I wrote here [1] I have a heightened, maybe overdeveloped, sense of indignation. Or perhaps not, and I’m a figurative coal mine canary [2] responding sanely to a crazy world [3]. The UN’s Commission on the Status of Women [CSW] [4] is an arm of the UN’s Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC] [5]. Set up in 1946, the CSW’s the global peak body dedicated to gender equality and women’s advancement. Last week ECOSOC ‘elected’ Iran to the 45-member CSW, for a 4-year term starting in 2011. Iran – a country where women are buried from the waist down and stoned to death for adultery; spousal rape’s not illegal; conviction for non-spousal rape needs at least four male (or three male and two female) witnesses; a man may kill his wife caught in an act of adultery if he’s certain she’s a consenting partner; 50 honour killings were reported during seven months in 2008; a husband need cite no reason to divorce his wife yet a wife must not only cite reasons to divorce her husband but he must sign a document confirming those reasons; laws permit polygamy; employment laws favour men; and family laws grant women 50% of the entitlements they grant men [6]. Yes – it’s a crazy world. And the UN’s a crazy body that mirrors the world’s craziness. If the foregoing doesn’t convince you of the UN’s dysfunction, read this [7]. Indignantly.


Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Well we both seem to be somewhat soured by the world around us today. I also tried to remark on depression in another of your pieces,but sometimes "comments" defies me and won't let me write! I have read too that people suffering from depression actually have a firmer grip on reality; it makes sense how can you not be depressed when the whole world is brutal and greedy and stupid.Stick to wombats and sheep and goats.

farmdoc said...

Yes, Chrows25, I love my sheep and goats. And also my dog Pete.