Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catherine and the shock-jocks

The background to today’s post are my following tenets:

1. Apart perhaps from the USA, nowadays there’s little separation between right wing and left wing politics. And the gap’s narrowing.

2. To the extent that there is separation in Australia, I’m more aligned to the left.

3. Yet I’m ambivalent because the right’s more pro-Israel.

4. As our population increases, especially in cities, so does the need for social inclusion and tolerance.

5. This is more likely to be provided by left wing ideology. And vice versa.

6. And it’s more likely if women were in power. And vice versa.

7. So it’s no coincidence that most – if not all – so-called radio shock jocks are right wing, and male.

Next Monday in Victoria, an easy listening music radio station, 3MP [1], will reincarnate as MTR 1377 – Melbourne Talk Radio [2]. Its on-air voices will be almost 100% male. And they’re shock-jocks. No doubt about it. Of course its aim’s to sell advertising and thus make a profit – the bigger the better. But the inevitable, and to the MTR management presumably collateral, social ramifications are likely to be entirely negative and harmful. Catherine Deveny [3] (pictured), one of my journalist heroes, wrote – incisively as usual – of all this in yesterday’s Age [4]. Will her article make any difference? No. Do I care? Yes. Ho hum.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

It is so late and I am so tired,but I am taking in a little pleasure in reading your blog, before bed, no time to write in mine.
The lady in red is gorgeous, I'll have to read her stuff later.
It is so sad here too, left and right are almost converging, except the lunatic fringes, the USA is all right wing the tea party being too scary to contemplate.
As if you haven't guessed I am definitely left of centre, altho disappointed when they get power how they cling to it rather tham make the changes we elected them to do.
I believe men and women are equally useful, but different, you will never convince me women are nicer than men, I think they are in every way as mean ,nasty, devious and power hungry as men.
I probably trust more men in my life than women, which as the East End unfolds may seem odd.
Israel is supported by the right for nefarious reasons I think, sadly.
I absolutely support the right of Israel the right to be a country or state.
I would like the Palestinians to also have a state where they can live.
When I discovered there is a strong possibility that I am one eigth Jewish I was very excited.
But on my Fathers side so how sensible the Jewish faith (until DNA), one can only be sure of ones mother, so I am not quite clearly Jewish. One of my Jewish friends said when I told her, Sweetie you would have been Jewish enough for Hitler.
When I was small I wasted every wish bone on wishing for world peace, I still do, what a dreamer.
Anyway I have to go to bed, when i get tired I type so many of my letters in reverse order, so it takes twice as long correcting it all,
Thank you for your support and your wonderful thoughts which I enjoy. I found you quite by accident, what luck!
Bloody hell I have written ablogs worth here!