Sunday, February 28, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 679

Hello again. Guest blogger Coco here for the third – and last – time. Have you heard the story that each morning the receptionists at Hilton hotels all over the world are phoned by guests asking ‘Which Hilton is this?’ I wrote in my previous two guest posts [1, 2] that Farmdoc and Sweetheart Vivienne’s wombat pen’s been called the ‘Wombat Hilton’. As cosy and secure as the pen is, almost from the moment I arrived three weeks ago, I was keen to forsake its creature (pun intended) comforts and get out into the bush where, word has it, there are several handsome-hunk boy wombats. I knew Farmdoc wanted to see my poo before he’d consider releasing me, so early last week I left a few well-formed cubic pellets [3] where I knew he’d find them. He did; and sure enough the next morning – last Wednesday – he unlatched the pen’s swing-gate. Folks, I was out of there. Gone. As I headed up the hill I bade farewell to the Wombat Hilton. And as a memento of my 17-day stay I snapped the attached photo. In the four days since then, I’ve begun renovating a disused burrow. And though I haven’t yet seen other wombats, I know they’re near – because I can smell them. So right now my life couldn’t be better. Thank you Patsy, Angela, Farmdoc and Sweetheart Vivienne. Tomorrow’s the first day of autumn. And the first day of the rest of my life. Goodbye. And love from Coco.

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Meg said...

Good luck, Coco!

It's been really great reading about your brief stay at the WH. xx