Thursday, February 18, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 669

Hello again. Guest blogger Coco here with more of my story. My transfer to Mole Creek stressed me out. Wombats, like humans, take time to get used to a new home, especially if it’s not like an old home. So I spend much time down the burrow where I’m safe, dry and out of sight. Each morning Farmdoc puts food in my food bowl. It’s a mix of oats, grains, and rice pellets called Coprice N. Yum, yum. If I haven’t eaten it all by dusk, though, I must share it with my possum friends. I’m busily renovating a hideout under a hollow log. Digging is such fun. You should try it. I’m also digging near the pen’s perimeter fence, because I’m keen to leave the Wombat Hilton and head for the bush which Patsy’s called ‘wombat heaven’. Farmdoc’s not keen to release me until he’s sure my poo’s well-formed – not mushy like it gets when I’m stressed. But so far I haven’t left any around for him to find. Patsy told Angela she thinks I may be eating it. Am I? Ssshhhh – that’s my secret. Wombats are solitary creatures, but I know Farmdoc’s already released four boy and seven girl wombats. I’m really keen to have baby wombats. I wonder who’ll be their dad: Grinder, Alexander, Johnny or Otis? We’ll see. By the way, do you like my close-up photo? I think I look beautiful. So that’s my story up to now. Thanks for reading it. Love from Coco.


WriterBee said...

You are beautiful, Coco, and so are all those humans who've helped you along the way. You look really healthy to me too so that's a good start for you in the bush.

Chris Burrows said...

Way to go Coco, that Poo thing is very important, I adopted two cats who had belonged to a "cat lady" who became ill. I took in the two ugliest as I didn't think they'd stand a chance. It has taken almost taken two years for the one whose ears and half his tail was frozen off to stop having chronic "runs". But now he is fine and loving, a touch homely,when he had ears and full tail he must have been gorgeous! Good luck when you make it into the wild world yonder.

Meg said...

I agree with you and WriterBee, your really are very beautiful, Coco. What a great couple of guest posts. Blog on, sister!