Wednesday, February 17, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 668

Hello. My name’s Coco. I’m a Common Wombat, but I’m anything but common. I’m a bit over a year old, and I weigh 13kg. I’m a girl, of course. (If you tell me you’ve heard of a boy called Coco, I’d say you’re pulling my leg.) Sadly, I’m an orphan. My Mum was deliberately shot and killed by a man who then kept me as a house pet – along with his dogs. I’ll never forgive him for murdering Mum. Never. Anyway a lovely lady named Patsy (from the Injured and Orphaned Wildlife Program of the Wildlife Management Branch of the Tasmanian Government’s Department of Primary Industries and Water – whew, what a mouthful!) moved me away from that awful man, to Angela’s care. Angela – a kind and gentle woman who lives near Hobart – fed me, looked after me and loved me until I became big and strong. Ten days ago Angela brought me on a long car trip to Mole Creek – to Onemilebridge where Farmdoc and his Sweetheart Vivienne live. I’m now in residence in their wombat pen. It’s a kind of halfway house – after Angela’s, and before I’m released into the bush. The pen that’s my new home has been called the ‘Wombat Hilton’. I can’t disagree. I haven’t finished my story yet, but I’m tired now. Because it’s morning and I’m a nocturnal creature, you know. So I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Bye for now. Love from Coco.


WriterBee said...

What a stunning photo, FD. You've captured perfectly Coco's beauty and timidity by the light of the morning sun. I wish her a successful new life.

Meg said...

Hi Coco!