Sunday, April 17, 2011

Call Yachol - a wonderful business

Today’s ‘Positive and Optimistic Sunday’. Indeed today’s the sixth consecutive ‘Positive and Optimistic Sunday’ post about Israel. No apology from me for that. All six topics are clearly positive and optimistic. None more so than today’s. Call Yachol is an Israeli call centre and outsourcing company [1]. Set up in 2008, Call Yachol’s the brainchild of psychologist Gil Winch. It’s unique in the world – because it employs disabled adults (aged 20-65 and with no cognitive impairment). Including more than a few Israeli Arabs. In Hebrew, Call Yachol means ‘able to call’, and also ‘able to do anything’. Which is precisely what the more than 100 disabled team members do. Conscientiously and effectively. Whilst having some fun along the way. And providing them with a sense of teamwork and accomplishment, and a boost to their confidence and self-esteem. This 4-minute YouTube video explains more about the aims, ethos and achievements of this inspirational enterprise [2]. Call Yachol competes for work on the open market – apparently very successfully. A society is measured by how it treats its weakest members [3]. Judging by Call Yachol and the international interest being shown in it, Israel measures up well. Exceptionally well. How positive and optimistic is that.
H/t Sweetheart Vivienne for alerting me to this wonderful business.

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