Thursday, April 7, 2011

The astounding panoramas of 360 cities

Consumer items. Whenever I buy one, I immediately stop looking at prices. For I fear I’d find a price lower that what I paid. Similarly, since November 2009 when I bought my Panasonic DMC-FZ35 camera [1], I’ve deliberately ignored developments in camera technology. My Panasonic takes 12.1 megapixel images. I’m sure that’s outdated. I don’t know the current megapixel benchmark: 15 megapixels? 20? Whatever it is, it’s only a minute fraction of 40 gigapixels. No, there’s not, to my knowledge anyway, a 40 gigapixel camera. But look at this [2]. It’s a 40 gigapixel 360° panorama of the Strahov Library in Prague [3]. What a superb library. What a superb panorama. It’s from who created this 40 gigapixel image by seamlessly stitching together 3,000 photographs. You navigate 360° around, and up and down, with the cursor. And you zoom in and out using your mouse scroll wheel; or your Shift and Control keys; or the slider top left. Try zooming in on the detail on the spine of a single book. Astounding. says if printed this photo would be 23 metres (i.e. 78 feet) long. And they say the Strahov Library image’s the largest indoor photo in the world as at March 2011. Click the ‘Explore other Places’ tab below the Strahov image to access some multi-gigapixel outdoor panoramas. And bottom right on the home page [4] is a map of 360° images around the world. Probably including somewhere near where you are. Have fun.

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