Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Larry stops by to say g’day

Here in Mole Creek, yesterday was a calm, cloudless, warm, sunny day. The sort of day that makes you feel good to be alive. So I decided to eat my breakfast outdoors. On the deck. I set my bowl of muesli and mug of coffee on the deck’s table. Then I looked up at the grass in front of the deck. And to my surprise, and glee, I saw a Blotched Blue-tongued Lizard [1, 2]. Motionless. Enjoying the sunshine. Like I intended to. So I raced indoors for my camera. The result you can see. The DPIPWE website [3] says Tiliqua nigrolutea is the largest lizard species in Tasmania; it grows to a head/body length of about 30 cm plus a 12-15 cm long tail; and males usually have shorter bodies and broader heads than females. I’m not clever enough to know my friend’s gender. So I assume he’s male. And I’m calling him Larry the Lizard – after Larry David [4]. Do you see the resemblance? The DPIPWE website also says blue-tongues are omnivorous and especially fond of strawberries. Me too. Soon after I photographed Larry, he sinuously sauntered off. Apparently blue-tongues aren’t threatened or rare. Even so, Larry’s only the third one I’ve seen in the 8½ years I’ve lived here. This property – Onemilebridge – is enrolled in Land for Wildlife [5] – which ensures it’s a haven for all fauna who want to live here with me. Including, and especially, Larry. Thanks for stopping by to say g’day, mate.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Great photo , we just bought a box of strawberries yesterday , they are the peak of the crop in Mexico right now. Sorry Larry and Farmdoc I can't see mailing strawberries. Enjoy the sun.