Friday, November 5, 2010

List: '45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable, Perspectives'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Five weeks ago on ‘List Friday’ I wrote that each week the Gizmodo website has a digital photography ‘Shooting Challenge’ [1] in which members of the public are invited to send in photographs on a given topic. Today’s list is ‘45 Photos From Clever, Sometimes Unbelievable, Perspectives’ [2]. Here’s this week’s challenge and rules [3]. I reckon that almost all of us are used to looking at things from conventional perspectives. It’s nice and comfortable to do that. Predictable. Reassuring. Within our comfort zone. But hardly conducive to creativity and growth. Today’s 45 photos remind us that the same thing, or scene, can look differently when viewed from an unusual perspective. My favourite? Ooh, that’s difficult. Maybe the tree one [4] – because with all the trees blown down on my property recently, it’s heartening for me to see one standing tall. But no: I think my favourite’s the guitar one because it’s so smooth and stylish [5]. I quite understand if your choice’s different from mine. Because many of them are terrific. Whichever you prefer, all 45 remind us that a different perspective, even if it’s not clever or unbelievable, is valuable. For as I wrote last Review Tuesday [6], there are at least two sides to every situation, and it’s essential to see that situation from more than your own side. Ho hum.

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