Friday, October 1, 2010

List: '30 Impossible Scenes That Actually Happened'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. A month ago I wrote that ‘…on a crowded planet…digital camera use is increasing. The twin effects of more people and more cameras means that ever more of the world’s happenings are captured on disc, chip or card’. Of course the thing with digital photography is that digital images can be manipulated (by such programs as Photoshop and IrfanView). Today’s list comes from Gizmodo, and is titled 30 Impossible Scenes That Actually Happened’ [1]. Each week Gizmodo has a digital photography ‘Shooting Challenge’ [2]. The ‘30 Impossible Scenes’ are the result of last week’s ‘Shooting Challenge’ – which was single space composites, i.e. stacking subjects from the same place at different moments in time. Or in other words, taking many photos from a single spot and combining the subjects into a single, unified statement. Here’s the blurb and the rules [3]. I guess all the ‘30 Impossible Scenes’ are the result of manipulation using Photoshop etc. Every bit of every scene actually happened – just not at the same time. I think the results are creative and interesting. Here are the ‘30 Impossible Scenes’ in more detail [4]. My favourites are the coloured cars on the freeways, and the vertical stack of aeroplanes. The reasons? These images have a clear theme, and they’re eye-catching and startling unusual. And, of course, they’re impossible. Which are your favourites?

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