Thursday, September 30, 2010

‘Jewish Cooking for Beginners’. Oh what fun.

Some months ago, darling Meg asked Sweetheart Vivienne and me to run a 4-hour session on ‘Jewish Cooking for Beginners’ at the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre [1]. Though we’d never taught cooking before, we agreed to do it. The DNC’s facilities accommodated eight participants. Our session booked out soon after bookings opened. Amazing. Over subsequent weeks we discussed what we’d do. A plan gradually emerged: four dishes, i.e. challah [2], chicken soup, matzo balls [3], and honey cake. Me being me, I drew up a running sheet, and ingredients and equipment checklists. The session was last Sunday. Darling Meg and darling Indigo came to help. Bottom line: it went well. Better than I expected. The atmosphere was relaxed. The food all turned out nicely. There were coffee breaks for socialising. There was ample time for questions and discussion. And despite all this, we ran 20-25 minutes ahead of plan. For the final 45 minutes, to the accompaniment of klezmer music [4], the 12 of us sat around a big table covered with a white tablecloth, and partook in a delicious meal we’d all contributed to. I hope our ‘students’ enjoyed the session, felt they received their money’s worth, and thought the return on their 4-hour time investment was reasonable. Sweetheart Vivienne and me? We had a great time. So we’re already discussing next year’s session.
P.S. Grateful thanks to darling Meg and darling Indigo. It wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good without your help.


Meg said...

I can't wait for the next course! xx

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Challah, I love it; it's a bit far for cooking class but I'm so glad it was a success.