Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well done, Jono. You did it, mate. Brilliantly.

Though today’s not Tuesday, today’s Farmdoc’s Blog post’s a review. Home? [1, 2, 3] is a one-hour, one-person show written and performed by Jono Burns [4] – who until recently was darling Emily’s boyfriend. Also Jono began writing Home? in daily sessions over coffee with Sweetheart Vivienne. Given both these connections, it was Sweetheart Vivienne’s and my pleasure to attend last Friday night’s debut performance of Home? – which is part of the 2010 Melbourne Fringe Festival [5]. It’s centred on Jono’s 18 months at The Actors Studio in New York [6], soon after 9/11. He introduces his audience to his classmates and teachers, and assorted New Yorkers. He shows us how actors access various emotions and situations – including literal hands-on experience using oranges given to all audience members. And in so doing he allows us insight into his New York. Poignantly we experience Jono crafting his acting skills in New York and exhibiting them to us in North Melbourne. Jono’s accents and mannerisms were superb; his use of props expert; and his weaving into his narrative of the two accompanying musicians clever. For a young actor, and maybe one of any age, to attempt a self-written and self-performed one-person show is brave But Jono did. And he succeeded. Superbly. The opening night audience was clearly thrilled and excited by Home?. Hopefully all its performances – which end on 1 October – will be fully booked with audiences who’ll be just as thrilled and excited. Well done, Jono. You did it, mate. Brilliantly.

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I'm not the only one to rave about Jono's performance [1].