Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unwired - and sad to be so.

I reckon most life happenings – birthdays, bushwalks, work tasks, farm chores, blog writing, or whatever – have three sequential phases, i.e. the before, the thing and the after. For example Sweetheart Vivienne’s oft said the planning and anticipation of a vacation can be more delicious than the vacation itself. Today I write of the epic and ground-breaking TV series The Wire [1, 2]. I can’t recall when we watched its first episode. Early 2009 perhaps. As it first aired on US TV in mid 2002, we had seven years plus of eager anticipation. Its giant reputation preceded it, so we could hardly wait until we were loaned the DVDs of Seasons One to Four. We were so excited when they were handed to us (in exchange loan for our set of The West Wing DVDs). We devoured those 50 episodes in a few months, becoming ever more involved with the characters, plots and themes. Then there was an excruciating wait until the Fifth Season [3] became available to us. We began it 11 days ago, and two nights ago we watched its 10th episode, the 60th overall, and the last ever. Compared with previous series we’ve watched [4, 5], The Wire’s almost if not the best. I’m sad we’ve come to its end. But I think it did all it could, and more would’ve been an anticlimax. My favourite Season? The Fourth [6]. My favourite character? Lester Freamon (pictured) [7]. Farewell, Wire. And thanks. For I’m much the better for having spent all those hours in your company.


WriterBee said...

It's not exactly that the anticipation can be more delicious than the holiday itself. It's more that before the event you can endlessly picture yourself walking the tracks, curled up in front of the fire reading, eating food that other people have prepared and so on. Once the holiday begins the special holiday-time clock starts ticking, and everyone knows that holiday hours are a bit like dog years. Before you know it you're packing up and on your way home.

Kate said...

I hate to admit it because I know I am in the minority but I don't get what the fuss is all about. I have watched episodes one to four and have no urge to go any further with it. Well, I didn't until I read this post and now am a bit tempted to persevere. Maybe. X