Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shit, eh.

Shit. When I was a nipper my Dad washed my mouth out with soap for saying that word. Which naturally only encouraged me to say it more. In those 1950s days, that word didn’t appear in the media. But in the decades since then, life’s become more liberal, in Australia anyway, and so formerly forbidden words are now seen and heard regularly in private and public [1]. And nowadays shit’s used as an adjective and a verb as well as a noun.

So yesterday I had a shit day. Though I had a mountain of work to do including watching 4½ hours of surveillance video, I couldn’t resist the temptation to download iOS 4 [2] and install it on my iPod Touch. The download was flawless, but soon after the installation started it crashed. It crashed several more times. It kept giving me various error messages. Finally, out of desperation, I attached my iPod to Sweetheart Vivienne’s MacBook Pro computer, and the download and installation went without a hitch. But this all took me hours. So yesterday I didn’t get much work done. Including no video watched. Ho hum.

Whilst on the subject of shit, Sweetheart Vivienne and I have habitually different ways of inserting toilet rolls onto the holder. She does it with the end sheets back touching the wall (pictured), and I do it with them forward away from the wall. I suppose this is an example of the Mars and Venus thing [3]. Shit, eh.


Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Well the SAD syndrome is making you a GOM and you had a shitty day, Sel had a similar experience when he tried to install software for his little movie camera, the whole computer froze up and we had to call a computer nerd as our som was out of town.
Today I am a MOW.
I am happy to tell you that you install toilet paper correctly, Beloved Sel and sweetheart Vivienne are just wrong.

Sue Appel said...

Good morning Farmdoc.
You brought a smile to my face with your blog today.
Firstly, on the subject of toilet paper, it must be a familial thing.. I also bring the end of the roll over the top so it hangs in front (unlike your pic), and i have no idea why. But I do it like that religiously, to the point that, if anyone else happens to start a new roll, I will check to see that it is MY way.
Secondly, on the subject of IOS4, i downloaded & installed it on my iPhone last night. All went smooth sailing except for the almost 3 hours it took (I have ALOT of stuff on my iPhone). Then as I was on a roll, I did jeffrey's phone as well. Hmmm, he has a different set-up to mine. So after midnight when I finished (and he was fast asleep), I noticed that all his contacts had disappeared!! After a sleepless night worrying on my part, I gingerly called son #2 who explaied that because Jeffrey has all his info "stored in the clouds", it would not be a problem to get all the contacts back.
Oh well, live & learn!
Have a better day today. Hope it's not a shitty one ;)
Love you lots xx

Kate said...

Oprah Winfrey once did a show about how to be wealthy (or something like that) and one of her money saving techniques she talked about was to hang the roll Mum's (and my) way. For some reason it discourages the unroller from unrolling too much at a time and consequently saves you paper and money. Does that change your mind?