Friday, June 25, 2010

List: Female prime minsters

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Yesterday was a momentous day in Australia’s history. Julie Eilleen Gillard (pictured), aged 48 and Welsh-born, became our first female prime minister [1]. This prompted the following email responses: From US daughter:‘omg a female prime minister. i am unbelievably stoked, and hope she can hang in there!!!!!!!’ From younger Daylesford daughter: ‘And what news about Gillard, huh! Not that I think she will make a difference, but us Welsh chicks have to stick together...’ And from my accountant Michelle: ‘Hey our first female Prime Minister – the girls are in charge!!’ It’s all so exciting. As I’ve previously written, my four darling daughters have made me an honorary woman [2]. So I know what I’m talking about. And I think the Mars and Venus thing [3] makes women better suited (pun unintended) to politics and leadership. Time will tell.

Given all of this, today’s list must be a list of female prime ministers. So here are two of them [4, 5]. I haven’t compared them side by side. But on a quick reckoning Julia Gillard’s the world’s 49th female prime minister. Not bad for the daughter of a Welsh miner, eh.

I wish her success. I’d love her to be the driving force for a better Australia. A fairer Australia. A republican Australia. A respected Australia. And especially an Australia that leads the international response to global warming and climate change. Go for it, Julia.

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