Monday, May 31, 2010

Of men and their heroes

On this last day of autumn 2010, I write of heroes. I’ve written several previous Farmdocs’ Blog posts about heroes. (To access them, write ‘hero’ in the Google search box near the top of the left sidebar.) Whilst my heroes list changes ever changes (mostly by lengthening; but that’s another story), I’m fascinated by my children’s heroes – which tell me about my children and, vicariously, about myself:

What a marvellous story darling Kate told on her Foxs Lane blog two days ago [1]. Dreams do come true. It’s inspirational and poignant that one of darling Brendon’s is doing just that. To meet his hero Joel Salatin is one thing. To meet him on Brendon and Kate’s farm is another. And for Joel to be so complimentary – in pouring rain traipsing through mud – is close to if not the ultimate. Well done, Brenno. You’re a star – and a hero of mine. Not that you need it – at all – but my seal of approval’s on Joel as one of yours.

Staying with heroes, today’s the 80th birthday of one of mine: Clint Eastwood [2, 3]. Why’s Clint my hero? One – he’s tall and handsome, of course. Two – he usually plays iconoclasts or other non-mainstream nose-thumbers. Three – he’s now so powerful he can, and does, thumb his nose at Hollywood’s quirks. And four – his film parts are invariably age-appropriate. For a far more esoteric and eloquent homage to Clint, read David Denby’s New Yorker piece here [4]. Happy 80th, Clint.

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