Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flotilla thoughts

Here are my personal thoughts on the so-called Gaza aid flotilla situation that unfolded in the eastern Mediterranean earlier today:

1. I wasn’t there. So I’ve no first-hand knowledge of what happened.

2. The people on the six boats weren’t, and aren’t, concerned with human rights. Noam Shalit asked them to take something to Gilad. But they refused. As they refused to request Hamas to allow the Red Cross access to Gilad. So now we know what sort of people they are.

3. Israel and Hamas are at war. Anyone knowingly entering a war zone following multiple warnings, must face the consequences.

4. Those on the boats weren’t peaceable. Apparently they were armed with knives, clubs, bars, rods, slingshots, petrol bombs and stun grenades. And maybe guns too. Further, seizing soldiers’ weapons and opening fire on them is an aggressive and violent act.

5. Israel’s only ‘provocation’ is to exist.

6. I’ll bet you anything you like that the world’s media won’t report the situation with any reasonable degree of fairness and balance. (So far I’m correct.)

7. And if it gets to the UN, that august body won’t be fair and balanced either.

8. I await with interest the USA’s response.

9. This story’s by no means finished.

10. I feel terrible about it all. Like there’s no hope for humanity on this screwed-up planet.

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