Saturday, April 17, 2010

This week's compendium

Here’s this week’s compendium. This week…

1. I saw on some amazing bus stop shelters [1]. None is in Australia. Ho hum.

2. Microsoft published guides to ‘How to shop online more safely’ [2a] and ‘How to use third-party payment services’ [2b]. I doubt we can ever know too much about these matters.

3. the despoiling of parts of the Great Barrier Reef by a cargo ship makes this catalogue of corporate villainy apposite [3]. Ho hum (again).

4. this item from the Rocky Mountain Institute [RMI] explains how cars can, and must, be made lighter without compromising safety [4]. Yes we can.

5. adjunctively, this ‘Winning the oil endgame’ Ted Talk by the RMI’s Amory Lovins, a hero of mine, was released [5]. The sooner the better.

6. if you’re in a viewing mood, this film Tarkine: Saving the Last of Gondwana graphically shows what’s best and worst about Tasmania [6]. And Tasmanians.

7. Sweetheart Vivienne and her Dad featured on the Age’s ‘2 of us’ page [7]. Congrats to them both.

8. darling Jarrah lost a BIG front tooth [8]. I hope the tooth fairy took note it was a BIG tooth.

Finally, I wish you, dear Farmdoc’s Blog readers, a wonderful week.

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Kate said...

I need a few blog lessons from you.
That is a pretty cool trick you did with linking to the pic of Jazzy and cropping it like that. X