Sunday, April 18, 2010


Riedel is the ultimate brand of wineglass. It’s been so since its origin in northern Bohemia in 1756. It’s remained a family business throughout; the current managers are the 11th and 12th generations of Riedels in the business. Riedel originated, and refined, the design of different glasses for different wine varieties. Ostensibly each design directs the wine onto those taste buds that are appropriate for its wine variety. Though that premise’s been debunked, the multiple designs persist. Also Riedel wine glasses are larger than others. Riedel says this is so the air in the glass above the wine absorbs the wine’s aroma and makes drinking wine more olfactory. Maybe that’s so; or not. One wag said Riedel glasses are bigger to help those wishing to avoid possible repetitive strain injuries from pouring.

Last Friday Sweetheart Vivienne and I became the proud owners of four Riedel wine glasses. They’re Ouverture Magnums. Riedel launched Ouverture in 1989 as an uncomplicated beginner series. In other words, they’re downmarket. That’s fine by us. They came gratis with 16 bottles of wine we’d ordered from a mail-order supplier. The deal was two glasses; but four arrived. We’re not complaining. They’re gorgeous, lead-free, dishwasher safe, and big. We’re not brand-conscious, and we’d never have bought them as we have perfectly adequate generic wineglasses. But they’re here. So we’ll use them. And enjoy them. L'Chaim.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

L'Chaim to you Farmdoc and Sweetheart Vivienne;I am planning a bit of a red wine gab session with friend tonight.
I will drink to your health and to long life and long love.