Friday, April 16, 2010

List: '10 Simple Google Search Tricks'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. I’ve known Sweetheart Vivienne for about 48 years. She’s given me so much to thank her for that it’d fill several years worth of daily Farmdoc’s Blog posts. Or more. I’m a truly blessed man. And today I have an extra reason to love her: she’s provided me with today’s list. Reading the website she came across this list which is in the top five most viewed pages on the site for the week 7-13 April 2010. It’s titled ‘10 Simple Google Search Tricks’. I’ve already known some of these Tricks. But not all ten. How many do you already know? Google’s search algorithm is literally astounding. And for users of the Google Chrome browser, like I am, it’s even better. Because you key searches directly into Chrome’s address bar, i.e. not into a separate search bar. Here in Farmdoc’s Blog the word ‘Google’ has been a Label in 11 previous posts. Any fewer and I’d be worried my blog’s unbalanced. In a similar vein, my commonest post Label is, you’ve guessed it, ‘Sweetheart Vivienne’. Excluding today’s post, her tally’s 72. The next highest is ‘ho hum’ which scores 59. Today’s post adds one to each: Ho hum.


Gavin said...

Rosco. When I read your post I thought for sure I would be able to respond and say "I know ALL 10" but after reading the post, I can't say I'm perfect - I knew 9 out of 10 - I didn't know #9.

BTW - I agree with your comments regarding Chrome. It's brilliant and so much faster and easier to use than other browsers.


farmdoc said...

Thanks, Gav. Nine out of 10's pretty damn good. You're still the smartest computer guy I know.