Monday, January 11, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 631

Some things I do quite quickly. Like when I was seasick on the Spirit of Tasmania whilst she was still tied up at Devonport wharf. And two days ago when a film (Away from Her, if you must know) made me weep even before the opening credits. Yet other things I do slowly. Like driving. (You may already know about my slow driving, because I wrote about it here). Like it or not, I’m now an elderly driver. And so I’m in a rapidly growing group, judging by this piece in last Thursday’s Age. Even though the drivers the article focuses on are older than I am, it makes interesting reading anyway. I agree with everything in it. For example because the number of drivers aged 65 or over is projected to double by 2030, these drivers – who bring their own issues and problems with them as they drive – need to be considered by designers, planners, legislators etc. But the most important message in the article is that age is not a good predictor of driving ability. Driving ability differs widely, especially among older people. But there are many excellent older drivers just as there are many rotten younger ones. And anyway, I drive slowly for reasons of fuel economy and not caution. Ho hum.

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