Tuesday, January 12, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 632

I’m a man of medicine and science. But I often wish I was an artist. Because artists have a special – right brain – way of perceiving things. They’re creative and innovative. And I’m not. So when I come across a piece of art I think’s truly outstanding, I’m envious. Really envious. Like now. Have a look at this article about the work of photographer Carl Warner and his team of five model makers, who made London ‘foodscapes’ from 26 types of fruit and vegetables. The London Eye (pictured) has green beans as spokes, and its pods are carefully crafted from baby cherry tomatoes. You can also see radishes, runner beans, rhubarb and lemon. This series of foodscapes took three weeks of work to painstakingly build up and glue the component pieces of fruit and veg. The project was commissioned to promote healthy eating as well as art. A representative of the Good Food channel, which commissioned the work, said the images were incredible. She said these stunning images that have quite literally transformed the London skyline with good food, prove that fun with food in a creative and light-hearted way is the way forward. Sounds to me like a marketing pitch, but I don’t deny that the images are stunning. Well done, Mr Warner. The world’s so much the better for right brain people like you.

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