Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CABG surgery plus nine days

Final blood tests done. Discharge medications received. X-ray films too. Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (at The Royal Melbourne Hospital starting in a week) organised. Review appointments by cardiologist and heart surgeon fixed. Final physiotherapy and dietitian sessions attended. Patient Cardiocard received. Discharge Instruction Summary signed. Big bag of chocolates plus a card bearing Sweetheart Vivienne’s heartfelt (pun intended) words To the amazing team on the 5th floor. From Ross and his grateful family. Thanks! presented to the staff.

So…Farmdoc leaves the hospital. Reverts from a patient back to a person. Deliberately. Eagerly. Meaningfully.

Due to a 2 kg lifting limit, unable to carry his bags. So his long-time friend Peter – Melbourne’s best physician – carries them. Poignantly.

Met in the Admission/Discharge Office, then walked to the car, by darling Kate. Unforgettably [1]. Met beside the car by Sweetheart Vivienne [2] and darling Indi. Lovingly.

Home Sweet Home. A cliché. But a welcome reality too.

The first day of the rest of my life.


Sue said...

Through tears of emotion, I write that I'm SO proud of you, my darling brother xx

Judith said...

Beautiful comment above.
I have been quietly following your blog and Viviennes over the past year and recently your 'heart'journey through your lovely daughter Kates writings.
I wish you well,particulary over the next few weeks,and everthing wonderful for the future.
Take care. x

MummaMoments said...

I am a reader of Kate's, and I found you through her beautiful blog too. It was really hard not to be a little emotional reading her 'heartfelt' peices about her darling Dad. So happy for you all, to be on the other side of such a massive op. It sounds like wonderful things are waiting for you all in the near future! Best of luck with the move x

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

WOW, you are out that is so wonderful, take it easy, and here's to your full recovery!
Thanks for blogging us ,we are all so happy for you. Cyberhug, Chris-Chrows25

Geoffrey Brittan said...

Good to see you blogging again. Your last post is dated the 18th. More to come, unless the world ends on the 21st, which according to a lune in the US, is certain to happen.