Friday, May 20, 2011

CABG surgery plus 11 days

This morning, in bed, I had another run of AF – the second since my hospital discharge. Like yesterday’s, today’s was not severe or long. And it responded quickly to Sotalol. As soon as my heart rhythm reverted to slow and regular (i.e. sinus rhythm) I had a shower. My first since being home. And I was strong enough to shower standing up. (In the hospital post-operatively I’d had two showers – both sitting in a shower chair because I didn’t have nearly enough endurance to shower standing up.) Minor progress – but progress nonetheless. Today Sweeetheart Vivienne, darling Meg and I went to a nearby café: Rue Bebelons [1]. Only 150 metres from our Melbourne home, but my first outing since hospital. It felt so good to sit there and drink coffee like a person who’s normal, i.e. not one who’s 11 days after CABG surgery. Otherwise my daily exercise and walking programmes continued. Late arvo darling Meg left us to travel home to Daylesford by train. Her 1½ day visit was a gem. As she is.


Meg said...

A very special day and a half indeed. I am happy to be back home but I miss you. xx

Kate said...

For some strange reason your coffee drinking has really been a measure of your improvment to me. The first morning when Mum called and spoke to you sitting up in the ICU eating your breakfast and drinking coffee. The coffee trip in this post only two days after your arrival home. Yesterday's coffee trip after a walk of a few city blocks. And then my personal favourite, our coffee and warm chocolate cafe visit this afternoon. We are so proud of you. May your recovery continue to go from strength to strength, from coffee to coffee. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

You don't say so, but I am assuming that you drink decaffeinated coffee. A medico of your expertise and perception would appreciate the value of avoiding caffeine.

I am also assuming that your AF does not cause pain. You would surely know what to do if it did.

Since you keep yourself fit, your endurance will improve quickly. So, be careful. It is so easy to over reach as you feel more energy.

We are thinking of you here in the Northern Hemisphere. Best wishes.

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Hi there mate, well we can certainly get into a bit of competition as we both recover or fight back.
I love my walking track and the students are so lovely to me, I have one who I think is becoming my personal trainer and we have set some goals for the end of the summer.
Please don't rush it but gradually gather strength. Greetings to Vivienne, she must be so relieved.

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

OH my dog, did you find your wedding ring, I was doing some back reading, what a scary sort of omen thing, for various reasons Sel and I have gone thrue about three sets, now none fit my awful hands so any ring I can jam on works!
Hope you get yours back, if not you and Vivienne must get a new one for the rest of your lives.

manda said...

Hi Farmdoc,
Just wanted to say I hope you keep on getting stronger each day. My father in law went through heart surgery and years later he is strong and well and most importantly he's still here with us. My own Dad sadly passed away 10 years ago. I miss him all the time. It sounds like you are surrounded by the love of all those beautiful goddesses in your family,.. thats got to help mend your heart. sending you get well wishes..manda x