Friday, April 15, 2011

List: '60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. In the top left corner of each Farmdoc’s Blog post is a photograph or image. I choose them based on appropriateness, interestingness and where possible simplicity. Some are photographs I’ve taken with my camera. But most I’ve found on the internet and used them gratis. Sometimes the best choice for a particular post is a stock photograph/image, i.e. a professionally derived one which is available for sale [1, 2]. But I shy away from them – because I’m too parsimonious, and Farmdoc’s Blog’s a mere hobby. However I can appreciate that buying a stock photograph can be much less expensive than commissioning a photographer. This said, I know nothing of the world of stock photography. I don’t know how stock photography catalogues comprise the stock photographs they do. Or in other words why certain scenes and situations are created and photographed for stock photography purposes. And so to today’s list, courtesy of Darling Meg (who has an interest in things zany). It’s ‘60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos’ [3]. The introductory blurb says it’s ‘A collection of unexplainable, bad stock photos’. Looking at the 60, I can see why. Though such is the perversity of human nature and experience, it seems hyperbolic to call them ‘completely unusable’. For I bet there are folks out there who can and do use them. Anyway they’re fun to look through. And if after doing so you crave more, look here [4].

H/t darling Meg (who wrote ‘I like number 18 the best’).

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