Friday, April 1, 2011

List: '10 technologies that will change the way you drive’

Today’s ‘List Friday’. No doubt today many bloggers will put up April Fools Day [AFD] posts. But not me. Yeah yeah. I know it’s important to put fun into your life. And I try to, even though at heart I’m a serious introvert [1]. But I find AFD humour adolescent at worst and undergraduate at best. My dad was much more of an extrovert. As I’ve written, he spent all his work life in the motor trade [2, 3]. He loved cars. No, he adored them. Maybe this is why so many Farmdoc’s Blog posts are about cars. I don’t know how many because I haven’t put a specific ‘car’ tag on each such post. But whatever the number is, today it’s one more. Today’s list, courtesy of the Age, is ‘10 technologies that will change the way you drive’ [4] The writer, the aptly named Age deputy motoring editor Barry Park [5], calls them ‘our top-10 projections on the technology on the horizon that will change the way we drive’. (I hope his driving’s smoother than that sentence.) ‘On the horizon’ means, I think, all 10 technologies are available now but not widely so. Or hardly at all for airless tyres. Thus this list’s hardly a time capsule of fanciful ‘what ifs’. But I agree with Park that all 10 are likely to become increasingly prevalent. And they should change the way we drive – for the better, making motoring a safer and more pleasant activity. Here’s hoping.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

No April fools jokes I am not a joker like that altho I do sort of joke about everything.
Cars are just useful to me but they do kill a lot of people world wide. I wonder more than birds killed by windmills?
I did see a funny car thing today a tow truck with the licence plate saying UR NEXT towing a very rich elegant black sedan with a plate saying INDEED.