Friday, March 25, 2011

List: '91 common objects as you’ve never seen them before'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. And today I’m indecisive. Two lists vie for inclusion. Only one will become today’s list. The other’s destined for oblivion. The first one ‘50 things I learned at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2011’ [1] is an interesting list. But I’m not a foodie. And the Festival ended 11 days ago. So the list’s passé. Also a bit elitist. The second one’s quirkier. Not event centred. Not celebrity driven. Not spin doctored. And definitely not ephemeral. It’s ‘91 common objects as you’ve never seen them before’ [2]. Published by gizmodo, all 91 images were sent in by its readers. Why 91? I’ve no idea. The blurb says they’re all ‘everyday objects’. But one (pictured) is of a jet engine where the turbine’s bolted to the afterburner tail pipe. Everyday? I don’t think so. Anyway all the images are fascinating. They highlight the creativity that’s out there. And how art can be created with a good eye and a digital camera. These images are best viewed by scrolling through them, in these two sub-galleries [3, 4]. A favourite. I don’t have one. Do you?

P.S. Today’s list’s a bit of sequel to the Friday list last 5 November. Also from gizmodo, that one was ‘45 photos from clever, sometimes unbelievable, perspectives’ [5]. I don’t know why these images draw me in. But they sure do.

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