Saturday, January 15, 2011

Farmdoc's blog's 1000th post; and the big wet.

This week there’s no compendium. What with trying to extract data from my old computer’s dying hard drive, and dealing with the daunting task of downloading and installing programs on my new computer, I had no time to compile a compendium. Oh, and there’s the matter of the rain. Between Wednesday and yesterday my rain gauge registered 173.5 mm. Almost all of it came in the 24 hours to 3 p.m. yesterday. Mole Creek village’s main street was under water for a time, and closed to all vehicles except 4WDs. One wag altered a sign to read ‘Mole River’. Some small bridges were washed away. Sand bags were used to protect the hotel and the post office. Us? We were fine. We had a waterfall down the gully in front of our house, and the resultant river flowed through the adjacent paddock. It was charming. Our house, being elevated, stayed dry. Sweetheart Vivienne and I worried about our 1km driveway. We needn’t have. For it was fine. No washouts at all. The creek lapped at our bridge (picture). But it caused no damage. So all in all we were lucky. We’re hoping for calm weather ahead, i.e. no wind to blow down trees whose roots the rain’s loosened. In any event, Mole Creek’s rain/flood’s trifling compared with Queensland’s. Those poor poor people.

P.S. Today’s the 1,000th post on Farmdoc’s Blog. I’m sorry it’s not about something nice.

P.P.S. Finally, I wish you, dear Farmdoc’s Blog readers, a wonderful week.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! One thousand posts is indeed a milestone worthy of recognition. It is fitting that this most noteworthy post should feature Mole Creek. I don't associate rising waters with Tasmania, so your post does provoke reflection. I imagine that a few snakes will find fresh nooks and crannies to hide around your place. Perhaps the rain heralds a dry summer, but not too dry.

I like your picture of the bridge. Perhaps you snapped a few more that you might share. You live in a wonderful place, never mind the rain and the snakes, and the alligators, and the spiders, and the thick under-brush. You live in a wonderful place.

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post.
The pictures Kate posted are amazing; after your huge windstorm, you didn't really need flooding.
Queensland is just a horror show.
Will the wild life around you suffer much or can most of them get to higher ground?

ange_moore said...

It seems you have faired much better in the floods than Kate and her Farmer Boy did. As a fellow Tasmanian I was wondering about you and then read Kate's recent post and should reallu have been worrying about her.

And well done on 1000 posts - amazing!