Monday, December 27, 2010

The silly season. Who am I to buck the trend?

Here Down Under we call the Xmas/New Year festive period the silly season [1]. (However in other countries the silly season spans the few summer months when politics and sports are quiescent and so frivolous news stories emerge.) The Aussie silly season’s silliness must be infectious: on 24/25 December my Canadian cyberfriend Chrows25 put up two chuckleworthy blog posts [2, 3]. (The former, I must admit, tickled my fancy so much that I chuckled out loud – which is something I don’t often do.) So who am I to buck the trend? Though 7 December’s well before our silly season, conventional news was clearly waning. Because that day the Age published an article titled ‘Wits and giggles: Australia's silliest business names’ [4]. It appealed to me. Some people sure are innovative when it comes to naming their businesses. Though I’ve never had to name a business, I can understand their logic. It’s a pretty tough market out there. So all other things being equal, a catchy name could be a competitive advantage in terms of new and repeat customers. There seems little downside, anyway. My fave among all the silly names in the Age article? The photograph (top left) is a dead set giveaway. Ho hum.

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Kate said...

Yep, that first clip had us laughing out loud too.
Pepper is pretty impressed that she is the photo of the week too.
Have a wonderful last week of 2010.