Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrating; and bearing witness

My late Aunt Clara, a sister of my maternal grandmother, was born in 1900. So her age went ‘with the years’. Darling Indigo was born in 2000. So her age goes with the years too. My darling sister Sue (pictured) comes half-way between Clara and Indi. Sue was born in 1950. On 22 December [1, 2]. So today’s her birthday. Her 60th birthday. And it was my privilege, honour and pleasure to help her celebrate. At two parties. One for family (52 of us) last Sunday evening. And the other (‘zumba followed by lunch’) yesterday for her friends (and closest family). (To my relief, Sweetheart Vivienne and I arrived after the zumba had ended.). Sue – one of the most organised people I know – themed her 60th birthday festivities: Life & Love, Family & Friends. The two parties personified this theme: both were expressions of Life and Love – on Sunday to/from her Family, and yesterday to/from her Friends. On both occasions the love, admiration, respect, delight and gratitude – and noise – were almost palpable. What a joy to behold. Of course I participated in the celebrations. But I saw myself in another role too: bearing witness, on behalf of our late parents. How proud they would’ve been of their darling daughter – whose important and valued role in the lives of so many people signifies what a fine person she is. And what a fine role model. I don’t know if our mum and dad were in some way present at Sue’s birthday celebrations, observing these things. If not, I was there. As their proxy. Sue’s the only sister I’ve ever had. And the only one I’ll ever have. As fate’s determined, she’s the best sister. The very best. For that I feel blessed. Thank you, darling sister Sue. Happy birthday to you.

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Meg said...

Aren't sisters the best??

Happy birthday to yours! How we love her so. xx