Sunday, October 3, 2010

Commonwealth Games downer. World Giving Index upper.

It’s Sunday. The weekend’s second half. A rest and recreation day for most Australians. On Sundays, I reckon, no-one wants to read of doom, gloom and indignation. So starting today, I’m making each Sunday’s Farmdoc’s Blog post positive and optimistic. Having said that, it’s hard for me to be positive and optimistic about the XIX (i.e. 19th) Commonwealth Games – which starts in Delhi today and runs (pun intended) until 14 October [1, 2]. Because to me the Commonwealth of Nations (née British Commonwealth) is an institution whose time has long gone; and mammoth international sporting events are a waste of resources (surely India could put the money to better use) and do little for participating nations but foster faux-rivalry and jingoism. Australia, no doubt, will rank up there in the Delhi medal tally. But I don’t give a toss (also pun intended). Because the playing field (ditto pun intended) is metaphorically not level. So between now and 14 October, anything to do with sport and Delhi’s outside my sphere of consciousness. Despite this, I’m a proud Australian. And last week I became an even prouder one when my nation (jointly with New Zealand) topped the World Giving Index 2010 [3, 4]. The Index ranks charitable behaviour (i.e. giving money, giving time, and helping a stranger – weighted equally) in 153 countries [5]. I’d much rather my country top the World Giving Index than the Commonwealth Games medal tally. Ho hum.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

Ok, now I am thinking in Australian because I was all set to write "I reckon" which is not a Canadianism.
Looking forward to the Sunday feel good posts.