Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Survival Ark - coming over the horizon

Last 18 May I wrote I was looking to buy a hand-operated flour mill – to grind wheat into flour for 100% wholemeal bread [1]. Now, 12 weeks later, I still haven’t bought one. But I will soon. Last Monday Sweetheart Vivienne and I went to the health food store in Deloraine to buy flour and yeast. Whilst there I asked about flour mills. The proprietor showed us one. It looked okay, and it was a good price. But I had misgivings. Free floating ones. Gut feelings. When I asked about the warranty, he said he’d have to check. I took that as a way to temporise. I said I’d be back in two days. Yesterday I made some internet and phone inquiries. I’ve found a better one: more functional design, improved grinding capacity, made in Victoria, lifetime guarantee. It’s about A$90 dearer. But the advantages justify the higher price. So later today I need to tell the Deloraine man I’m not buying the mill he’s selling. That’s too hard for me to do. I don’t know why, but it is. A result of one of my many long-term psychological glitches. So Sweetheart Vivienne’s doing it. She’s much more psychologically able than I. Also we’re returning a 20kg bag of baker’s flour we bought on Monday – as we’ll need less once we grind our own flour. So all going well, some time next week we’ll be proud owners of a Survival Ark (pictured). Oh what fun. Stay tuned.

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Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

That's funny because it would be Sel who would be better able to do the cancel of an order in our couple.
Good on you for grinding your own flour and since it is along term investment sensible to buy a good one.
I commented on obestiy in your blog before this one (but it went AWOL) as it is a huge problem here too. Some people eating way too much, but partly because they have no idea how many calories they are eating. One big muffin can be 600 calories, a hamburger 450 to 600 calories, then the fries and that's just breakfast and lunch via fast food.
I try no to see conspiracies but food industry makes money on our gluttony, then diet industry makes money, then pharmaceutical industry makes money treating the diseases of obesity