Friday, August 20, 2010

List: '10 Great Blogs About Growing Food'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. I’ve never been much of a delegator. When something needs doing, and I can do it myself, I prefer to do it myself. Then at least I know it’s done well. Or if not, where the weaknesses and pitfalls lie. Segueing right along from yesterday’s Farmdoc’s Blog post, if you delegate the production of the food you eat, you don’t know under what conditions it’s grown or made, and what’s in it (and what’s not). Score one (or many more) for the agrobusiness bullies. Conversely, if you grow your own food you know just about everything about it. Self-sufficiency [1] in food is a continuum – ranging from 0% to 100%. Here in Mole Creek Sweetheart Vivienne and I aren’t anywhere near 100%. But wherever you are on the continuum, every step – however tiny – towards 100% helps. By rewarding you with healthier food and the satisfaction of producing it. By rewarding our planet. And by thwarting the agrobusiness bullies. If you wish to travel the path to 100% food self-sufficiency – and in many senses the journey’s more important and enjoyable than the destination – there’s no shortage of information and advice out there to help you. Today’s list, from planetgreen and titled '10 Great Blogs About Growing Food’ [2], is not a bad place to start. Or to use as a waystation if you’re already on the road. Whichever, I wish you happy and healthy travelling.

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