Friday, July 30, 2010

List: 'Linkin Kennedy'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Today’s list’s a segue from yesterday’s post. Abraham Lincoln died in April 1865. Even though that’s over 145 years ago, he – or his ghost – has traversed from yesterday’s post to today’s. Titled ‘Linkin Kennedy’, today’s list comprises a series of coincidences between the lives and deaths of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy [1]. The blurb labels them ‘amazing’. I’d have to agree. Though I clearly see they’re nothing more than coincidences, i.e. they’ve occurred by chance. Last Friday’s list comprised conspiracies, and specifically hyped ersatz conspiracies. To me the Lincoln/Kennedy similarities in today’s list aren’t conspiratorial. But not everyone agrees [2]. However the similarities make me, at least, wonder if the same invisible hand of fate touched both Presidents.

As much as the list of similarities is amazing, for me two questions it raises are intriguing: First, what made someone compile this list of similarities? I guess he/she had nothing better to do, happenstanced on one or two coincidences, and delved from there. Second, would it be possible to construct a lengthy list of coincidences regarding any two people in the world? I guess it would. But I’m not trying it. For I have a life to live. Ho hum.

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