Monday, June 28, 2010

Relief is oh so sweet

Last 4 June I wrote that Sweetheart Vivienne’s and my daughters are movie aficionados [1]. So maybe they can name the film in which a girl’s excited about an elaborately prepared birthday party only to become mortified when no-one attends? Though I can’t recall if it predated me seeing that movie, that scenario’s a long-term dread of mine.

That film and that dread were on my mind yesterday because Petrarch’s Book Shop in Launceston had arranged with Sweetheart Vivienne to sign copies of Alzheimer's: A Love Story at 2 p.m. yesterday in their shop. Email invitations went out 10 days earlier (no RSVPs) [2]. Sweetheart Vivienne, having baked cookies [3] and bought sweets, was excited. But I knew, probably courtesy of my congenital pessimism, that no-one would attend. So as excited as she was, I was nervous. Sick to the stomach.
As it turned out, I was wrong. Lots of people came, several copies of
Alzheimer’s and some other books were bought, Sweetheart Vivienne signed the sold copies of her book plus some yet unsold others whose future owners will be thrilled by her signature, cookies and sweets were eaten, interesting conversations were had, lots of sweets and cookies were enjoyed, and the event delighted both the guest of honour and the book shop’s owner.
Me? I’m oh so relieved my darling wife didn’t become the girl in the film. And oh so happy some cookies and sweets were left over.


WriterBee said...

The film is 'Stella', and it stars Bette Midler. I was nervous too, but then so thrilled and touched by the support of our friends who'd travelled such long distances to be there with us. And thrilled and touched too by your constant support, which I don't take for granted.

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

I am so happy for Vivienne, congratulations to her.
I had a funny experience on my
50th birthday. I felt the need only to invite really good friends, we were living way outside the city. So I invited my favourite people, after a fantastical set of errors, one person found us, so it was a very quiet party!
Have a great retreat together. Who takes care of the creatures while you are gone?
It is quite funny you tend to check my site minutes before I post, comes of living in different hemispheres I guess!