Friday, June 4, 2010

List: 'Panned! The 10 worst-reviewed movies'

Today’s ‘List Friday’. Aficionadoism. I don’t know if it’s a real word. But if not, it should be. On a continuum of movie aficionadoism, Sweetheart Vivienne’s and my daughters rank up there with the aficionados. Me? I’m somewhere between the middle and the other end. I’m a movie watcher – my subscription to BigPond Movies [1] gets me 48 DVDs annually – and I’m interested in movies as a communications, entertainment and educational medium. But I’m hardly obsessed.

As Farmdoc’s Blog readers see, I rank the movies I watch on a scale of one to five stars. I don’t score them using a set of specific criteria. I do it subjectively. But come to think about it, all movie rating criteria I can think of are subjective anyway. Despite this, some movies generally rate well, and others don’t. For example winners of the ‘Best Motion Picture’ Academy Award [2] are in the former group. By and large, anyway. Yet another example of the wisdom of crowds [3]. This week’s list is ‘Panned! The 10 worst-reviewed movies’. Courtesy of – and I think motivated by Sex and the City 2 – there’s an intro [4] and a slideshow [5]. Make your own list, then check it against salon’s. I scored zero out of ten. That’s fine by me. Because I’m not a movie aficionado.

P.S. The photograph’s from one of the 10 worst’. I’m so hopeless I didn’t even know which one.

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