Wednesday, March 3, 2010

farmdoc's blog post number 682

Apartheid. It’s an Afrikaans word (from apart apart + -heid –hood) dating from 1947, and defined as a former policy of segregation and discrimination against non-Europeans in South Africa. Now it’s being extrapolated to Israel. Welcome to Israeli Apartheid Week [IAW]. But hold your horses: Israel’s Arab citizens have full rights including full voting rights. Thirteen Arabs sit in the current 120-member Knesset. But factual evidence of non-apartheid in Israel doesn’t stop the lunatic fringe continuing their bleeding heart support of totalitarian theocracies. If these myopic halfwits were genuinely concerned about apartheid, they need look no further than their darling Palestinian Authority [PA] and Hamas. Are there Jews living in Gaza? (That’s a rhetorical question, folks.) The PA’s called Jewish West Bank settlements an obstacle to peace. To them Jews shouldn’t be citizens of a possible future Arab West Bank state. Well if that’s not apartheid, I hop to hell on a toothpick. This is the sixth IAW. Starting in Canada, it’s metastasised like the evil malignant cancer it is. It’s university-based. The responsible (pun intended) student morons should go to more classes – because IAW (N.B. Week) spans two weeks (from 1-14 March). And the prize-winning poster (above left) gives its dates as 1-7 March. Recently Ontario’s legislature condemned it. Unanimously. A legislator said ‘If you're going to label Israel as Apartheid, then you are also... attacking Canadian values…The use of the phrase IAW is about as close to hate speech as one can get without being arrested, and I’m not certain it doesn't actually cross over that line’. Yes sir.