Friday, December 18, 2009

farmdoc's blog post number 607

Today’s ‘List Friday’. And today’s a week before Christmas – which is yet one more excuse for people to give each other gifts. Though not a Christian, I can more or less understand why Christmas’s a gift-giving occasion. But I’ve never known why Christmas gifts need to be tangible (rather than kisses, hugs or even handshakes, say). And even conceding tangibility, why they must be purchased rather than home-made. But conventional practice is tangible and bought gifts, so who am I to argue. So this week’s list concerns tangible bought items. Last 9 October I wrote of this Reader’s Digest’s list of ‘Australia Most Trusted People’. In the same (i.e. July 2009) RD issue was this related list – of ‘Australia’s Most Trusted Brands’. Of 158 well-known brands, Cadbury, Panadol and Band-Aid were the top three, followed by Sony, Colgate, Dairy Farmers, Nokia, Johnson & Johnson, Streets, Peters and Bunnings. What do these brands have in common? They’re all well known, respected, and free from scandal and negative press. Cadbury’s the overall winner for the sixth year in a row. I must say I’m partial to a square or two of Cadbury chocolate. And not just at Christmas, either. Finally I may be wrong, but of the 11 brands named, I see only two Australian-owned ones i.e. Dairy Farmers and Bunnings. Ho hum.

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