Thursday, December 17, 2009

farmdoc's blog post number 606

When I was a nipper I hardly ever ate cooked vegetables. Maybe this was because my mother (and grandmother) tended to overcook them. I’ll never know. I did, however, eat a small number of vegetables raw. But I’m sure overall I ate less vegetable than I should’ve. I think a lot of kids are like I was. Which is a problem, because no doubt vegetables are an essential component of a balanced diet. So I was intrigued to read on page 35 in the latest issue of Tas Regions magazine, of the Vegecation program – which aims to get kids to eat more vegetables by increasing the awareness of the importance of eating fresh produce. The 1-week pilot programme at 10 primary and secondary schools in North West Tasmania, involved 1,550 children sampling a wide variety of vegetables and fruit. Apparently it was such a success that next year Vegecation is to be extended to all Northern Tasmanian schools, with add-ons including growers giving talks at schools. It sounds fine to me. Visits to paddocks and market gardens would be worth considering too. After – or before – all, here in Tasmania, Taste is in our nature.

P.S. Now that I’m an older kid, I eat more vegetables. And what’s more, some cooked ones too. But doing so hasn’t made my hair grow – let alone get curly. Ho hum.

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