Friday, November 27, 2009

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Today’s ‘List Friday’.

Until a few years ago, the word icon was in the lexicon but used little. Nowadays the word icon is nothing if not iconic. Almost everything that’s is a bit better than ordinary, is labelled an icon. Which prompts the question: What were icons called before the word icon became iconic?

And so to this week’s list: The Top Tasmanian Heritage Icons. The list was chosen by an independent panel from amongst hundreds of community nominations. (Independent of what, you’re entitled to ask.) The National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) was somehow involved. And so was a (shadowy and mysterious) body called Heritage Icon Awards. This is the second year of this process. In 2008 these were the top ten icons, and as such were excluded from consideration this year. The top ten for 2009, listed here and profiled here, will presumably be excluded from consideration in future years. That way, if the process continues for enough years, everything and everyone in Tasmania will be on the Tasmanian Heritage Icons list. Or perhaps it’ll all fizzle out once 100 icons have been selected. (Or 1,000. Or 10,000.) As well as 10 icons selected each year from nominations by adults, one’s selected from children’s nominations: 2008’s was the Tasmanian Devil, and 2009’s is Cradle Mountain (pictured). Me? I agree with the kids.

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