Sunday, May 8, 2011

CABG surgery minus one day

This afternoon at 2 p.m. I’m being admitted to hospital. Currently my world’s small. Focused in on myself. Which isn’t something I relish. But I suppose in the circumstances it’s inevitable. Beyond my solipsism, today’s Mother’s Day in Australia. So I’m especially thinking of my own mum, and the nearest and dearest mums to me. Not least Sweetheart Vivienne – who’s one of the best. Today’s also the first post Bin Laden Sunday. I can’t help but think our little planet’s a tad better off for that fact. Otherwise all else continues: football matches, political intrigue, celebrity worship, global warming, and more. Including the federal budget next Tuesday evening. But for me, it’s hospital. Speaking of which, I know that while hospitals are necessary institutions, it’s best to be a patient in one for as short a time as possible. Which is my aim in the days ahead. I don’t know when my next Farmdoc’s Blog post will go up. Hopefully soon. Stay tuned, folks.


Meg said...

Thinking of you tonight in hospital, FD. xx

Geoffrey Brittan said...

I remember the sound of the wheels. Each cart produced a unique tembre as it rolled along the corridor. The sound was incessant, lasting well into the evening.

The first sound in the morning was the mop and pail of the cleaner just outside my door.

I remember a smell in the corridor near the nurses' station. There was a closet used by the cleaning staff to store materials which always produced a unique,sickly, sweet smell as I pushed my intravenous stand along, which incidentally, made another unforgettable sound as it rolled along the floor.

Judith said...

Hope you are doing well and that you are on a smooth path to a full recovery.

Take care.

Judith said...

Hope you are doing well and on a smooth path to a full recovery.

Take care.

Geoffrey Brittan said...

By my calculation, your surgery is done, your stint in the ICU has past, and you are lounging in your room. You may find reading, an activity you enjoy, rather challenging. Fatigue and the affects of drugs can make concentrating the eyes and mind rather difficult. That will pass.

Your readers miss you. Don't give yourself a hectic schedule. Just post as you feel able and as inspiration motivates you. You don't need to tie yourself to a daily regimen on the blog site.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

deux chiens et un garcon said...


New follower and reader , if you don't mind. I have ben hearing about your time in hospital via Fox's Lane.

Hope you are now out of the woods and breathing easily.

I am a GP and new Mum and its nice to find another in the blogworld. I have just found Fox's Lane recently and it is very inspiring.

Take care


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