Monday, April 11, 2011

Let each and every bad guy know he’s never safe

Today I’ve been dry-eyed. No tears from me over the deaths of two men in Sudan last Tuesday. Their car was hit by a missile [1]. It’s unclear if the missile was an air-to-ground [2] or ground-to-ground one [3]. Arab news sources reported one of the men was a senior Hamas arms smuggler [4]. DEBKAfile said the smuggler was organizing a shipment of mustard gas and nerve gas bought by Hamas and Hizbollah, with Iran’s help, from Libyan rebels who’d looted Gaddafi’s stockpiles [5]. This account’s credible. Likely even. Whether the strike’s morally defensible, or even legal, bothers me not. Israel does what she has to do. Because for her it’s backs-to-the-wall stuff. But if it was an air-to-ground fired from an unmanned aerial vehicle [UAV], I marvel at the strike’s technology. While it describes slightly different hardware, this gizmodo article provides some insight [6] Likely the car was ‘painted’ by a laser beam – possibly from a satellite – and the UAV's missile homed in on that ‘paint’. Whether the strike was from the air or the ground, as I’ve written: He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword [7]. So let each and every bad guy know he’s never safe. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Readers of your column understand the reasons for the strident tone of your post. It isn't typical. Every time I see Gadhafi in a photograph with his wee tent in the background, the thought occurs to me that everyone in the Middle East region has their back to a wall because that region hosts wacky dictators. I can become strident too, as you can see.

I think you are a man with substance; a love of wildlife, family, and pride in your culture. Sometimes, we need to vent. I understand. Me, I open a cold Ennis and Gunn beer and pour a scotch chaser. Just one, mind.

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

I could not say it better than Geoffrey Brittan. As you know I am a serious venter or ranter.