Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The last post

Dear Farmdoc’s Blog followers and readers

The first post on this blog was way back on 21 April 2008 [1]. Three years ago tomorrow. Since then I’ve put up one new post each day. So today’s post is number 1,095. And for the time being at least, and maybe forever, the last post. There are three main reasons for this:

1. A post a day’s a big undertaking. For me anyway. I’ve enjoyed doing it. But in recent months it’s become more arduous. And less fun.

2. Last week I received some not-so-good health news. Currently I don’t know its full import. But whatever it turns out to be, I have much thinking to do. And I know I’ll think better without the pressure of a daily Farmdoc’s Blog post weighing on my mind.

3. Because of that news, Sweetheart Vivienne and I have decided to sell our Mole Creek property as soon as we reasonably can, and then move to Victoria near our darling ones. So we’re starting work on a new blog – as yet untitled – aiming to attract a purchaser. And most definitely I can’t maintain two blogs simultaneously.

In that first post I wrote that writing Farmdoc’s Blog would help me find out about myself ‘And if it also helps others, in however small a way, then that can only be a good thing’. I know I’ve achieved that first aim. The second one I don’t know about.

On 27 September 2009 I wrote a post about the Last Post. In a comment on it, darling Meg wrote ‘FD you gave me the fright of my life! I saw the words last post and I thought that you were henceforth taking leave from your blog’ [2].

Friends, the time’s come for me to take leave from this blog. I plan to put up one more Farmdoc’s Blog post in the next couple of months – when our new blog goes live. After then, who knows?

So there you have it.

Thank you for accompanying me on my journey.


P.S. I remain contactable at the email address in my Blogger profile.


Meg said...

FD, again you gave me the fright of my life! I just read this post and I thought that you were henceforth taking leave from your blog.

Oh yikes! You are.

Not a single comment and it's 1.40pm?? I think we're all in denial. xx

Cowan said...

Oh no Farmdoc! Very sorry to hear it; hope you (or whoever the news relates to) get well as soon as possible, if not sooner.

Have really enjoyed your observations since Meg drew my attention to this blog, and will be sad to see it gone, but health + family are far more important.

Good luck with everything.

Kate said...

I've been thinking about how to respond all day.
Even though I knew this was coming it still surprised me. Even though I know its a great decision, it still feels a bit sad. Even though I didn't know what a blog was when you first started, I've enjoyed following along your blogging journey every step of the way.

I love you so much Farmdoc. XX

ps. How on earth do you expect me to fill those couple of minutes usually spent reading your posts every morning at 7.30?

Chrows25 aka Leather Woman said...

OH my dears all of you I am so so sorry,please take care of yourselves and do what you need to do for health and happiness. It is extraordinary how close one becomes blogging together.
If wishing would cure you it would be done from here. Please stay in touch thru email or whatever, love to you and Vivienne and all your family, Huge cyberhugs, so sadly Chris

Leonie said...

Oh bugger. I liked having you around. So....are you coming to VIC to take over a rose farm? he he!! Take care xx

Anonymous said...

This is sad news. Your blog was a favourite one for me. A faithful following was deserved.

I write about one or two posts a month; your pace per day was impressive. I can quite understand your decision.

I am sorry that you must move. Mole Creek, a place I have been unable to visit, will always remain your place to me.

Vera and I are concerned about the health issues that make your decision necessary. We are truly sorry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Farmdoc,
We are very sad to see you go. We love reading about what you are thinking about! We also love your snapshots of Mole Creek life....and that lovely daughter you created also down Fox's Lane way. Do take care and all the best for the future.
the Hamilton's